In our operations, we build on the principles of integrity, transparency, respect and social responsibility, and, as the other companies of Vilniaus prekyba, we follow the Code of Conduct.


It is thanks to our professional and experienced staff that we can enjoy today the leading role in the Baltic retail markets; therefore, our staff gets all our attention. Our success is inseparable from the wellbeing in the immediate environment. Donation and environmental actions enable us to contribute to the betterment of the community and the consolidation of our shared values, at the same time providing us with opportunities to get to know our environment and the people that we meet every day in our activities.

The main areas of the corporate social responsibility are as follows:

Our goal is to hire, train and retain the best employees and earn their loyalty. Thus, it is no wonder that a large number of the managers at MAXIMA GRUPĖ companies started their career at entry-level positions gradually rising through the ranks.



With a view to promoting knowledge-sharing and personal development among our employees, we hold various trainings, seminars, etc. The horizontal and vertical, rotation, both inside an individual company or across the entire MAXIMA group, provides for not only the smartest possible deployment of the available knowledge and skills and thus finding the most suitable positions for the staff, but also for the development of the common corporate culture in different countries

We greatly value our people, and thus try to provide them with good working conditions, along with various extra incentives (meals at work, free transport to work, additional discounts on purchasing, offers from business partners, etc.). Youth education is one of the areas of our social responsibility. To this end, we have up and running Maximalist programme to promote academic achievements among the children of our staff in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: the best-achievers are awarded with special scholarships.

Informal attention to our employees is no less important. We get together to celebrate national and personal holidays, we spend time together and support various employee initiatives.


In our supermarket business, we make part of the local community in numerous towns and cities. What we want is being a good neighbour, so we try hard to keep good contacts with the people and support communal initiatives. We contribute to the improvement of the environment and the infrastructure; we provide possibilities for the locals to engage in their activities around our stores. We offer donations to the most needy, and we gladly join in donation projects.



We support community initiatives
A great number of local initiatives encounter the problem of funding. Maxima LT, UAB often comes in rescue with its project ‘We are the community’ launched back in 2015. In 2017, a support fund of 60 000 euros was established to promote youth employment. The winners included artificial rock climbing in Marijampolė, outdoor gym in Šilalė, the development of the leisure area near Kupiškis lagoon, opening up a youth space in Rokiškis district, youth yacht workshop and training grounds in Nida, and a football field in Vilnius.

We are together
We have been regularly contributing to various supporting initiatives. In Lithuania, Maxima LT, UAB has closely co-operated with the charity and support funds: Mothers’ Union (Mamų unija), the SOS Children's Village (SOS Vaikų kaimas), The Food Bank (Maisto bankas), Premature babies (Ankstukai), etc. We are devoted supporters of the annual Fulfilment Campaign (Išsipildymo akcija) dedicated to children.

Since 2009, MAXIMA ESTONIA, OÜ has been implementing Angel Tree project (Inglipuu). This is one of the most popular initiatives undertaken by the company, aiming to help the children in disadvantage background to better feel the spirit of Christmas. Each child may have his Christmas dream come true after he has left his wish on an Angel Tree at a MAXIMA store for the MAXIMA EESTI, OÜ to take care of it. 

MAXIMA Latvija, SIA has developed a child support programme Growing Latvia (Augošai Latvijai). The programme aims to support and encourage initiatives intended for families who need help for the development of their children as they grow, learn and spend time meaningfully. MAXIMA Latvija, SIA also cooperates with the Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital School in developing a programme Safe Shelter (Drošais apmetnis) for premature infants. The goal of this programme is to ensure the successful long-term integration of such children into society. Another project run together with the charity organisation is Help the Poor Children. It involves fundraising to purchase staple goods and products for little children in impoverished families. Finally – MAXIMA Latvija, SIA’s initiative to support Poga Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities. 

These are just a few projects among many we have launched or joined in. What is important for us is being a good neighbour who can give a helping hand in the time of need.


Children and the youth are our future. We care about their wellbeing by contributing to the sustainable upbringing of our little ones, by promoting talents and developing their abilities, and by participating in education projects.



We are promoting academic achievements and skills development through our Maximalist project. Scholarships are offered annually to the most promising beneficiaries in the fields of science, music, art and sports, civic-awareness, ecology, innovation, progress in academic advancements, etc. In addition, Maximalist scholarships are provided for our staff’s children with the best academic achievements. Lithuania was the first to introduce the Maximalist project in 2003; here during project’s lifetime more than 5 500 children were given scholarships amounting to more than 700 thousand euros. Later Latvia and Estonia joined the initiative. The recipients of the scholarships include the recognized talents in art and sports: Lithuanian singer Evelina Sašenko, accordionist Martynas Levickis, swimmer Giedrius Titennis, Estonian record holder skater Martenas Liivas, painter Alisa Anna Dzirniete and others. We hope that other winners of the scholarship will also be our future artists, scientists, athletes, politicians and public figures.

Apart from the initiatives launched by ourselves, we are very happy to join projects started by other organisations. For example, for about ten years on the run we have been sponsoring the national child song competition in Lithuania.

We are convinced that helping talented children we contribute greatly to our better future.


Sustainable economic development is impossible without a responsible approach to the use and rehabilitation of natural resources. Therefore, we encourage cautious approach to the resources, while paying close attention to efficient waste management and recycling.



Quality standards
In 2009, Maxima was the first retail chain in Lithuania to introduce international standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 aimed at more efficient internal organisational processes and reduced impact of corporate processes on the environment. Other companies in the group have followed suit and have these standards in place today.

We also follow the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Policy, which ensures that business processes comply with legal and other requirements, are effective and quality-driven and contribute to the reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency
To achieve better energy efficiency, we are upgrading our older, energy-intensive stores. We are introducing, in most of the departments, new intelligent lighting and its management systems. Efforts have been made to improve energy resources control system, and to develop and roll out systems for the use of heat generated in the process of technological refrigeration.

Waste management
We sort waste. Most companies of the group have a joint inventory of waste and secondary raw materials to be recycled, which ensures a more stringent waste control. To minimize the amount of waste going to landfills, the stores do a separate sorting of non-animal origin waste, which is handed over by handling entities to farms or for composting.

Furthermore, many chain stores have built-in containers for buyers’ convenience to dispose of batteries, bulbs and small electronics. Several dozens of our stores have in their territory clearly visible containers for the disposal of large electrical appliances and electronics. The disposed items are handed over to recyclers.

Fewer plastic bags
More than five years ago, Maxima retail chain offered its customers a corn starch-based bioplastic organic bag. These bags are durable, reusable, and completely decomposable in less than two years, under proper composting. We are also happy to see the growing popularity of reusable canvas bags offered across our chain.